Get Yourself YoUR OWN Documentary filmmaker:

As a documentary filmmaker, I specialize in engaging audiences with humor and genuine emotion. I thrive on making discoveries while the camera is rolling. And by being quick on my feet, I can turn those surprises into unforgettable moments that stick with people.

And you won’t just find that in my films. You’ll find that in everything I produce. Here are just a few examples of great work I’ve done for great clients.

I know a lot of filmmakers who are reluctant to work with kids and animals. But I'm happy to throw either one of them in front of the camera without a moment's hesitation. In this case, the result was one of the best TV spots I've ever made.

Mankato Clinic provided us with the doctors and their kids. All I had to do was find a way to keep everyone engaged in an interview that only felt like it was about to spin out of control 90% of the time.

People from rural Wisconsin are known for their stoicism. But Memorial Medical Center patient Joe Johanik held back nothing when he told me about the people and technology that saved his life after a stroke.

That's one of the things I love about healthcare marketing. You get to talk to someone about the most dramatic day of their lives. All the usual barriers just fall away.

The Damiano Center in Duluth, Minnesota provides food and activities to kids in their neighborhood. They also like to teach those kids about nutrition, agriculture and food justice.

The video excerpt above is one of my favorite examples of an interview that did not go as expected. But the final product is so much better because of that surprise. It’s certainly authentic.