When I was a little kid growing up in Minnesota, my mom taught me that Vikings invaded our state in 1362. I had no reason to doubt her. She was my mom.

The truth turned out to be a little more complicated than that. So I made a documentary about it. It's very funny. Especially if you find intentionally inaccurate historical re-enactments inherently hilarious. Lost Conquest premiered at IFFBoston in 2015 and went on to screen at 25 other great festivals including the Woods Hole Film Festival, the Portland Film Festival, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the New Hampshire Film Festival. It won Best Documentary at the South Dakota Film Festival and the Mirror Mountain Festival as well as best Minnesota/Wisconsin Film at the Flyway Film Festival.

You can learn more about Lost Conquest here. Or you can watch it, 100% for free, at the top of this page. If you want to see an excerpt or a teaser trailer, look yonder below.